Eileen is the best kind of Life Coach, she helped me gain greater clarity of my goals, drilling down to exactly what’s important to me. I have enhanced focus in both my personal and professional practice.  My sessions with her have been life changing.  Not only is she a talented coach, having invested heavily in her own learning, she is also gifted with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of heart.  Eileen has given me much more than value for my money! Eileen’s attitude and techniques have helped me grow immensely, she helps keep me always striving to push forward to be the best self that I can be.  Her energy is infectious. I highly recommend Eileen and her coaching sessions as an effective strategy to help break down the barriers that hold you back and to get you to your next desired level and beyond.  Thank you Eileen for your talent.

- I.F., Washington, DC  

When I first met Eileen, I was impressed with her authentic desire to help me get past my stumbling blocks. She listened intently and asked lots of questions. She said she would research a few solutions and sure enough, when we met for our follow up, Eileen was a river of information. She started with addressing mindset, she explained how to tweak up my delivery and what I share, and she reminded me of the incredible power of suggestion—starting with ourselves!

 - AM Railing, Wine Consultant

Working with Eileen is as comfortable and easy as talking to a friend with the guidance and support of a coach. When I worked with Eileen, I was trying to hide as I had gained weight and really couldn't see my "look" getting any better until I lost the excess weight. Eileen helped me think of some ways to feel pretty and essentially redesign my appearance. I was always hesitant to talk to a coach about things like this as I am on a budget and can't just go on a shopping spree to revamp my look. Eileen suggested simple things to spruce up my look. 

 To this day, after working with Eileen, I have improved my appearance and confidence and almost regularly wear earrings when going out of the house which instantly boosts my look! Between that and some other tips, I'm so grateful for Eileen's tips that worked with my lifestyle and helped me increase my well-being. 

- Janaina Stanley, Career Coach

It was great to take part in “Eileen’s Redesign your Life” Events... a truly inspirational and empowering gathering of special women who were open to new friends and experiences, and who welcomed all into this wonderful community of women. I landed in this place to listen, to learn, to laugh, and share with incredible and diverse energetic women. Listening to so many inspiring stories, meeting so many smart, interesting and beautiful women was one of the best experiences I have received. I found myself relating to other women who’ve lived very different lives, and was reminded of how much we have in common as people, a place where women feel empowered, connected and inspired. Can’t wait for the next event.

- Marie M, Language Instructor