Meet Eileen

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Eileen can help anyone who is hungry for change and looking to shift an area or areas of their life that are not working for them, ignite a new spark and provide energizing ideas that lead to big results. Eileen has an intuition for understanding people and especially those seeking a catalyst to create a life they love. Particularly those going through life struggles looking for tips and tools on how to take their lives from the passengers seat to the drivers. Eileen provides dynamic individualized coaching as we are all unique with our needs and goals and she comes with a wealth of experience. 

Pursuing a life long dream...

Eileen was born and raised in Edison, N.J. just 45 minutes from the sites and sounds of NYC. Her family enjoyed all that the city had to offer and would often times go to see Broadway shows. Eileen started dancing at the age of four continuing her training up through high school and then studied at Point Park University earning a BA in dance.

Upon her college graduation she felt the draw to pursue a professional dancing career and spent the next decade performing in many shows on both coasts. After hanging up her dancing shoes she married and settled into the Washington, D. C. Metro area. Soon after they started a family and Eileen became a busy mom of two children.

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The family dynamic changed in 2014 when the couple divorced and Eileen’s oldest went off to college and soon after her youngest went to college as well and the family pet passed away. Eileen was also grieving the loss of her father the year before and trying to come to terms with all that happened in a short period of time. She had been a wife and mother and she asked herself “Who am I now in the world.” With that question she decided to invest in herself by taking personal and professional development classes, revamped her wardrobe, redecorated her home and started going out and being social. 

A Life Redesigned…

Eileen had recognized that she had to completely redesign and shine a new light into areas she wanted to transform. Redesigning her own life gave her the idea to host her first event offering a divorce course. From there she went onto host many more empowering events for women with many different dynamic speakers in the areas of mindset, personal branding, fashion, skin/hair/make-up, health/wellness and finances. 

A business was born… 

After each event Eileen could see what a difference the topics and discussions made for the guests in attendance. She recognized her niche for reinvention and with her own life transformation helped her realize that by educating oneself and getting the right support you need is key. She feels that sometimes we don’t always know what support is needed which is the perfect opportunity to work with a coach. Eileen started her coaching business in 2016.

Eileen received her training at Landmark Worldwide, completing the Landmark Curriculum for Living. In 2015 Eileen completed the Landmark Forum and enrolled in the Self Expression and Leadership Program finishing the Landmark Curriculum for Living in 2016. She was a coach for the Self Expression and Leadership Program at the Washington, DC Center in 2017. In 2018 she completed both Communications Programs Access to Power and Power to Create and is a current member of Landmark’s North American Team Management and Leadership Program.

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